High School Students Interested in Engineering

Are you interested in engineering? Or are you looking for some resources to help your student to start thinking about the future? You are at the right place!

Did you know according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics the field of engineering is expected to grow as much as 10 percent in the coming decade? Historically engineering graduates always experience a favorable job market. Experts say demand for engineers will continue to grow as governments and industry work to meet the challenges of a growing global population and dwindling resources.

According to a recent research students who start thinking about college in middle school and early high school are more likely to go to college. And students who are preparing for college are generally already taking the classes they’ll need for admission to an engineering program.

For Parents


  • Watch this video to find out that “ANYONE COULD BE AN ENGINEER” This is a production of the National Science Foundation. Learn more at the National Science Foundation Website.


Delve into real-world problems as an engineering design team and learn the value of collaboration. Discover tools and tips you can apply to successfully pursue careers in several disciplines including Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Environmental and Industrial engineering. Tour an Engineering lab and meet professionals exploring their passion. Join me at this Saturday Academy Class on May 20th to find out more about what really engineers do or checkout my course on how to start building a career mindset.

Engineering Workshop

Career Building Workshop

Preparing for college?  Check out this link to get a general sense of admissions requirements:

Engineering Admissions Requirements

StrengthsQuest is a great assessment tool to find out your strengths and learn what kind of major suit you the best. Take the StrengthsQuest assessment here.

Flying cars, Earth-sized atmospheric filters, quick access to clean water, phones with holograms, and more! Who can make these things happen? Engineers!

So what does it take to be an engineer? What qualities, strengths and interests? Hear it from engineering students: What attracted them to the field and what drives them to make the world a better place?

  • Engineering is a very broad profession with so many different disciplines. Even within the same discipline you find engineers working for different industries. This video created by the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts Video Program is a snapshot of different work places (NASA to Disneyland) you can find industrial engineers successfully implementing engineering solutions.

Where do Industrial Engineers Work?

Engineering Salaries

  •  Beyond the Four Main Branches of Engineering: Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical, there are more than 30 branches of Engineering.  This site lists the median pay for various fields.  Guess who makes the most money?

Check out salaries for various engineering fields in the link below

Engineering Salaries


The Saturday Academy Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering (ASE) program is a great opportunity to try out careers and jobs and meeting professionals during your summer break.   Check it out here!

Do you have a resume?

Here is a sample resume that you can use to create one. Make sure to take the StrengthsQuest assessment first to incorporate them in your resume.

Download a resume template



Dream Big: Engineering Our World is a HUGE film. Literally. A new film for IMAX® and giant screen theaters premiering during Engineers Week 2017 (February 19 – 25), Dream Big is the first film for the giant screen to showcase the creativity and passion of engineers. An extensive library of activities, lessons plans, and public events accompanies the film. Visit the website to find a theater near you, browse the activity library, and sign up to volunteer at events or activities in your area.




Environmental Engineering Sample Issue: What is a Watershed?

Environmental Engineering Sample Issue 2:  Learn how engineers make our cities safe with flood control management projects  

Learn what it means to live in a low gravity environment.  Engineering up close visit to the Portland State UNIVERSITY Lab

 Shell Career Quiz

Take the Shell Career Quiz and learn about great jobs in Engineering, Geosciences, Process Technology, Instrumentation & Electrical Technicians, Millwrights and Welding. Answer a few short questions and begin your exploration of exciting careers in the energy industry:
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