Are you a recent college graduate preparing to enter the workforce?
Do you have job prospects?
Are you looking for a job or are you looking for a fulfilling engineering career?
You have two choices: the traditional way or the eutology way


Version 2

This is the old school way of looking for a job.
Phase 1: Happy to be graduating! Hooray…
Phase 2: Reality hits. I need a job!
Phase 3: Tapping into job search engines, company targeted job searches, career fairs, networking events, family and friends.
Phase 4: This is not working, shall I stretch the truth?
Phase 5: I need to move back with my parents.
Phase 6: I am so frustrated. I’ll take any jobs.

We Can Help


This is the New Model based on a framework called
“Career Management Mindset™”
Phase 1: I am about to graduate and I want to build an extraordinary career. Who can help me with this?
Phase 2: I am excited to work with Eutology Learning to get clear on my professional goals, my strengths, my core values and the right industry and workplace for me so I can plan, build and manage a meaningful career.
Phase 3: I know what I want and I know how to be marketable.
Phase 4: I am totally ready to get what I want.

Become a Eutologist